Spicy && Recommend

This article is about attribute spicy and recommend.

Go to page management and select ‘Products’ to choose desired item to edit, then you will see the editing interface.

1. Spicy

The attribute spicy will be displayed on Qrcode-Ordering-Webapp, there are five levels of spicy, which are not spicy, mild spicy, medium spicy, hot and extra spicy.

For more details please refer to the following images.


The effects are as follows:

1. Not Spicy

2. Mild Spicy

3. Medium Spicy



4. Hot



5. Extra Spicy




2. Recommend

Please switch on the toggle ‘recommend’ if there is a product which you want to recommend to customers.

Then, it will be shown on Qrcode-Ordering-Webapp, just like this:


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