Edit Modifier of Product

This article is about editing of modifier.

Go to page management and select ‘Products’ to choose desired item to edit, then you will see the editing interface.

1. modifier

1. Click button ‘add modifier’ to add modifier.

2.Input name alias and price of modifier, please note that this price will be added to the actual price of product if customer selected this option when ordering. The default value of price is 0.

3. You can also choose whether to print these modifiers on receipt or not.


The effects are as follows.

For example, there are two modifiers of product ‘milk shake’, which are more milk ($5) and more pudding ($6) respectively.

The modifier ‘more milk’ will be printed on receipt but the modifier ‘more pudding’ won’t.

2. group modifier


The method of editing group modifier, please refer to the article named ‘Group Modifier’.


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