How to change Tax Rate

“Choose the setting – General – Tax, then click on the Tax button. Open the GST setting by clicking on the pencil icon. Enter the GST tax rate after opening the GST setting.”  

How to make keyboard to auto pop up

1.First click the right mouse button in Revopos ,then choose attributes 。 2.Come out property box,click shortcut . 3.In target put the: –disable-usb-keyboard-detect, behind C:\Revopos\Client\revopos. apply and save.  

Print Till Report

Often times, there is a need to view detailed cash in and out. A thermal printer slip report can be printed by following the steps shown in the figures below:

Settle In Multiple Payment Modes

A bill can be settled in multiple payment modes. How to enable partial payments is illustrated in the images below Please note that a bill can settled in as many payment modes as requested.

How to set up marketing function in Revopos Connect?

Firstly, please select “Marketing” in dashboard and click “Setup” button. Then you can see four sections of Marketing. They are “Point Reward”, “Credit Reward”, “SMS Notification” and “SMS Validation For Using Balance”. Finally, you can set up the marketing function according to your needs and the prompts on the interface. For […]