Operation about Modifier

Adding modifiers to items in the order list is allowed, which may help you select your favorite tastes or others.

1.Service Type (For Salon/SPA)

The modifier represent the options of employees if the type of product is service.

For instance, you can assign someone to serve you by selecting modifier.

For more details, please refer to the following images.

The modifier you selected will also display on receipt.


For instance, there are three items of dye hair in the order list and the data of selected modifiers are as follows.




You could follow the steps below to finish it.


Then you could check it on receipt view.


2.Non-Service Type

The modifiers represent the options of tastes or other options customized by sellers.

For more specific operations, please refer to the following steps.

1. If you want to add the same modifiers to all products selected.


2. If you want to add the different modifiers to products which are selected.

You could check it by the following steps.

Please note that the status of modifiers on edit item panel represent all products that you add to order list if there is no item selected.

In addition, you could check details on receipt view.  

3. There is another method to display modifier which is group modifier, please use it if you want to select option by sliding. It will slide to next item automatically when you finish selecting modifiers of current item. Similarly, the group will slide to next one automatically after select options.

The effects are as follows:

For more detail about group modifier please refer to the article named ‘Group Modifier’.




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