Group Modifier

How to edit group modifier?

Would you like to customize your products based on customers’ preference? Group modifier function helps you solve it. Please follow the instructions below to operate in order:

Firstly, click the “Management” button below and select “Products”.

Then select the desired product and click the edit icon.

Swipe down the screen, turn on the “Use Group Modifier” switch, and then add content in sequence as shown in the figure below.

After all operations are completed, you can return to the order page to customize the product. It will slide to next item automatically when you finish selecting modifiers of current item. Similarly, the group will also slide to next one automatically after select options.

Please note that group name will display on other project, such as Qrcode-Ordering Webapp, the effects are as follows.


For more specific operation please refer to the following video. The content of video includes how to use and edit group modifier.




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